The Homing Pigeon Starter Pack - Flying Back to Nature

The homing pigeon starter pack brings safe nature into your own garden or your school. The small micro-loft sits on top of a pole which is secured firmly into the ground. This makes a safe environment away from predators for the birds to roost. It is placed at a height that the family or pupils can observe the birds and keep their home clean.

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It is a fantastic educational hobby to manage a pair of birds. Everyone in the family will learn vast amounts of knowledge about many different aspects of nature. You are always in control of how many birds you keep. Simply replace the bird’s real eggs with pot eggs (supplied in the pack). The birds will sit them happily for about 24 days before they will begin their courtship again. The micro-loft is designed to initially house two birds with space to breed your own young birds in the future.  We advise that you breed your birds during the warm summer months. Observing Dad and Mum building their nest and both feeding and raising their two chicks is a profound experience for all the family. The birds can be taken on days out in a basket or small cardboard box and released.  They will be waiting for you when you get home! Did they carry that Secret Message for you? I wonder which way they went? How long did it take them? How fast did they complete the journey? All great fun!

Click to watch the following film Young Wings by Jim Jenner. Jim describes and explains the benefits pigeons have on young people, using his personal experience of visiting and filming events from all over the World. 

The Midlands National Flying Club and Royal Racing Pigeon Association have brought together loft designers and corn merchants to make this a low cost safe family nature project for your back garden. 

The HP starter pack consists of the following:

  • The 4 bird micro-loft with pole is at a subsidised price of £50. (We have free micro lofts available on a first come first served basis.) 
  • Two free pedigree homing pigeons specially bred from champion racing pigeons. (Male and Female)
  • One free bag of pigeon food which will last a pair of birds for three months.
  • Pot eggs, drinker, feeder, scraper and equipment  for your loft.
  • Free registration to the Royal Racing Pigeon Association and the Midlands National Flying Club.
  • Free pigeon rings from the MNFC for your young birds which are registered with the RPRA.
  • Free newsletter. Click Here Newsletter 1 & Competition.

To order and discuss the homing pigeon starter pack, please complete the form below and a person from the Royal Racing Pigeon Association will contact you. They will be able to advise on suitable locations to place your micro-loft. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

You can order corn from the following suppliers which can be delivered to your door. Most pet shops will have pigeon corn for sale. If you have a question or you need help with managing your birds you can contact the Royal Pigeon Racing Association by phone or email. They may be able to resolve a query over the phone. They will be able to provide you with contact details of a suitable experienced pigeon fancier close to you. You would then be able to contact that person if you wish to do so. The contact people are known and registered with the Royal Racing Pigeon Association and are aware from time to time they may get requests for advice and help. You will get a supportive and friendly response. 

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