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Wrawby Commemorative WW1 Event - August 10th 2014

Local MP Andrew Percy sends a Secret Message.

An example of work completed by pupils at Sir John Nelthorpe School following the decoded messages and arrival times being sent back via email from Kingsmead school. Well done. 


Pupils from Ashford Technology College releasing the pigeons at the end of the Secret Messages project. Well done we hope you enjoyed the visit.


Coded Messages being sent by Wincle Primary School, KS1.

The coded messages are sent back with a series of further challenges to complete. Please click the following link to see an example of the challenges.


KS2 completed more advanced work and challenges. 

Mr Stewart Wardrop Royal Pigeon Racing Association General Manager makes a presention of how homing pigeons were used during WW1 and WW2 on the Alan Titchmarsh show. 

Many thanks to the ITV, Alan Titchmarsh and Stewart for the informative presentation on Secret Messages. This gives you an idea of the resources which will be available when you book a visit from the Secret Messages team. 

28th February 2014

Watch the full show at ITVi Player Catchup

Published on 2 Nov 2012

David Martin was renovating his house in southern England when he found a carrier pigeon skeleton in his fireplace with a barrel attached to the leg, believed to contain a secret message dating back to World War Two. The message is so secret that it is written in a code long since forgotten by the security services. Now the Government Communications Headquarter (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, Glos, is hoping to decipher the note in a bid to unravel the mystery.
The Royal Pigeon Racing Association believe the bird probably either got lost, disorientated in bad weather, or was simply exhausted after its trip across the Channel.

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Lesson ideas

  1. Having observed the video clips and read the article, explain why GCHQ today are finding it difficult to decypher the message.

The pigeon’s ring number NURP 40 TW194 & NURP 37 DK76 were the two birds released with probably the same message. I wonder if the second bird carrying the message got home and delivered the message?

  1. Using your imagination what could the message be about? Where was the bird coming from? Where was it travelling to? When was it sent? Writing Frames

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